A male aged 25 years came to me having fever, pain right chest, cough and general weakness since 2 months. Comments on X-ray and how to proceed in this case.



Rt. Costophrenic and Rt. cardiophrenic angle obliterated -Rt. Pleural effusion Symptoms complex and duration of illness suggestive of tubercular in nature Diagnostic and therapeutic thoracocentasis with Pleural fluid analysis routine and for TB-PCR Most probably Provisional diagnosis is- Rt tubercular pleural effusion

It's Right sidede pleural effusion ,means right lower lung . Taapping of the pleural fluid for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes and get sensitivity test of the fluid done . Accordingly suitable antibiotics to be started and drainage tube to be kept in right lower lung and out side in sealed water bottle . Patient should lie in head high position .

Patient with rt pleural effusion, considering symptomatology it suggests ptb, confirm by pleural fluid aspiration & analysis. sputum afb under led fm.dx ptb with rt pleural effusion

Chest x ray (P. A) view shows the flattened and laterally displaced curvature of the right hemidiaphragm indicate the presence of subpulmonic pleural fluid

Right populated pleural effusion. Please go for u/s guided therapeutic pleural fluid aspiration and examination of the fluid.

Rt pl effusion mostly tubercular..Pl fluid aspiration..Ada rm cytology cbnaat LDH ph ..If complicated or empyema go for icd

Rt sided effusion Do Diagnostic and therapeutic tapping Likely to be exudative Tubercular effusion...

Rt. Sided pleural effusion... Advice pleural tapping nd send fluid for ADA, LDH, CYTO, R/M, GENE XPERT

Rt pleural effusion Aspiration Send lab investigation for r& m AFB gram stain Tuberculin test

Pl effusion rt Tapping for bio ..cyto Mostly tubercular If empyema then icd

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