A male patient 48 years old, a chronic alcoholic presenting with icterus and malaise. What should be the management plan as the patient seems to have conjugated hyperbilirubinemia due to intrahepatic cholestasis?



A case of alcoholic hepatitis with Cirrhosis liver and portal hypertension and Ascitis. Rx 1.Tab Ursodeoxycholic acid 300mg BD 2 . Tab lasilactone 50 mg OD 3 . propranolol 40 mg. 4 . Complete abstinence of alcohol. 5 Nutritional support

LFT is not consistent with cholestasis.Alkaline phosphatase is normal.GGT is a more sensitive marker for cholestasis.Nodular liver suggests a diagnosis of cirrhosis.

Thank you sir. One query. Does a cirrhotic liver display a rise in alkaline phosphatase in case of conjugated hyperbilirubinemia ?

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Cirrhosis of liver, stop alcohol, Tab. Silibon 70 mg TDS, Cap. Hepamerz TDS, high carbohydrates, prognosis is guarded.

Liver cirrhosis treat wth liv52 2tab bid lornit 500 bid appetizer preparation along wth suggested by chauhan sir

alcoholic cirrhosis liver. diuretics, low protein, good carbohydrate diet. HIV, HBsag, USG. stop alcohol, b complex, multivitamin.

Decompensated Alcohol related cirrhosis. Check the Albumin, PT INR, Na, K, Urea, Creatinine & AFP. Suggest: Abstinence from alcohol UGI endoscopy with or without banding of varices Propranolol Diuretics Albumin infusion if renal dysfunction Large volume paracentesis if any respiratory distress If Child C Cirrhosis then advice to see liver transplant surgeon for possible liver transplant opinion.

Pt having cirrhosis of liver kindly go for hbsag and hcv do serum protein if less then give human albumin diuretic and inderal tablet and other treatment

a case of alcoholic hepatitis with cirrhosis. do Hbs ag and hcv. regarding treatment part I concur with Dr. yograj. you can

Stoping alcohol and nutritional therapy.Investigate other causes of conjugated eg hyperbole initial eg hepatitis B C any infection

this is icterus jaundice

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