A male patient of age 56 year ,came to my clinic with redness and pain with localised nodular swelling over sclera,since 15 days and had a history of trauma by grain particle 1 month back. I have order investigation lie T.B



Foreign body granuloma

Pyogenic granuloma antibiotic and steroid e/dsystemic Ciprofloxacin 500 mg bd tab wysolone 1mg / kg body wt ibubrufen 600 tds 5 days after this taper the dose

DD 1.phylicten 2 FB inclusion cyst 3. Episceritis

@@Dr. Gowhar Ahmad

Foreign body granuloma Should be excised


Thank you doctor

Allergic Scelritis.nodular

Cystic pterygium

Nodular scleritis (pain n TB) is more likely , Topical Steroid with antibiotic and lubricant and oral NSAID with 3days or weekly followup, if not improved then oral steroid can be considered. Other DD cud be Granuloma (any history of pterygium sx with graft ,CAG) Phlycten

Nodular scleritis Filbra e/d 4 time Lubricating 1% eye drop 4 time Dolo sp tab 5 days Prednisolone tab 5 days

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