A male pt 24 yr complaing pain in right hypochondrium with liver tenderness, nausea , general weakness , abdominal fullness, anorexia, on investigation results in following plz suggest diagnosis and tmt.



It's a case of enteric fever with jaundice. Needs further investigation cbc, sr bil D/indirect.{LFT] Hcv, USG whole abd, Admission iv fluid 10 dextrose with mvi Iv Pan 40 Injection hepamerz Injection augumentin Lactose Antipyretics, avoid fatty fried and spicy food, Soft diet,

Results suggest Typhoid fever with hyperbilirubinemia 1) Typhoid itself can cause acalculus cholecystitis, hepatitis and jaundice . 2) USG abdomen can reveal gall bladder stone with acute cholecystitis . 3) Typhoid perforation can be DD INVESTIGATIONS needed Suggest Antibiotics, IV fluid support, antispasmidics

This is enteric fever with hepatitis. Do usg . there can be associated hepatomegaly. Typhoid hepatitis is transient and responds well to antibiotic therapy.

enteric fever with jaundice admission in hospital iv fluids iv antibiotics like amoxiclav iv rabeprazole/omeprazole inj.mvi Liv 52 drops 1 TSF tds silymarin 140 tds USG abdo.must repeat all reports after 5 days

widal is strongly positive s bill is high but sgpt is not that high needs tt of widal inj monocef2gm bd inj amicacin od hmm if fluid inj onstar for vomitin for pain buscopan reevaluate s bili and sgpt

Take complete history.? Vomiting? Tenderness. I request all members to send detailed history and examination findings. Pain in abdomen is a difficult diagnosis. Hence we have today so many investigations and tools.

Case of enteric fever with jaundice. Do U S ABD. ROUTINEtreatment for jaundice with antipyretics and analgesics antibiotics. And I V fluids. Nil oral 48 hrs.. other liver function monitoring rehularly will help.

typhoid with gastritis Nil orally complete bed rest IV Line RL Pantaprazole + cetrioxozone BD oflaxacin infusion for BD Domperidone IV BD all for 3 to 4 days Liquid or semi liquid diet Tab Cefixime+ oflaxacin BD Pantaprazole + domperidone OD Tab Multivitamins OD Glucose and lemon water.

possiblity of Enteric hepatitis, Do blood culture, start with Liver safe antibiotics and give supportive treatment for jaundice,

Enteric Fever + jaundice , hospital admission , USG abdo for gall bladder calculi status. IV fluids, IV antibiotics

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