A male pt.25 year old ..suffering from azoospermea..all details in his test report..plz suggest d tt nd further



Ashwgandha mother ticture 1/4 th with Avena sativa mother tincture 3/4th 10 drops with 3 tablespoon luke warm water Lycopodium 1M Twice in a week for 4 week

nice one dr

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Dr doctr in this case allopathy have its limitations. you should think of homeopathy in this case as number of patients with azoospermia are treated with homeopathic medicines. take proper history of patient try to find out his constitutional or similimum beside im quoting some medicines useful in azoospermia. Conium mac selenium agnus cast lycopodium styphysagria. These are some medicines but you have to take similimum.

Advised FNAC of testis to rule out sertolis disease.

Dr ruchita...pl do usg scrotal Testosterone harmone levels Bath with cold water Siddha makardhwaj vati 2 bd Tab shatavari 1bd Tab ashwagandha 1 bd Go gruth 1tsf with 2 wet dates Go milk 1 glass daily If necessary inj.testosterone im thrice week once Testimonial boipsy Thanks

testicular biopsy is must first diagnose properly its pretesticular azospermia or testicular azospermia

Lyco 1m Acid phos Q Dimana Q

pt have hypogonadism

take detail history n give the exact similimum.classical method is best for such case some. but if u don't have patience you can try this: medorrhinum- can help to treat impotency in high potency calcarea carb 30c and so on-increasing sperm count lycopodium 50/CM- for increase in spermcount and ED Damiana Q-quality of sperm you can use . can also try penix ginseng Q 15 drops * TDs for 2wks along with PYGEUM AFRICANUM Q AND SAW PALMETTO In sha Allah you will notice a good result

Give constitutional medicine along with Damiana Q bd

Tt.. 1. Aswgandha churn-2gm satavri churn-1 gm sidh maker dhavj-125 mg Vaner gutika -250 mg ----------------------------- all r mix n take morning n evening with milk 2. Silajit cap 1-1 BD 3. Kochpak-1-1 Tsp 4. syp-Liv 52. 2-2 tsp

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