a middle aged farmer with these chronic lesions since many years with temporary relief with steroids locally and systemic. please suggest diagnosis and treatment



Dr. Anmol Nagpal It's OCCUPATIONAL DERMATITIS. multiple scaly lesions and Confined margins with peeling more favour to IRRITANT CONTACT DERMATITIS. Due to persistent contact with irritants may be occupation. So treatment side .. Strict avoid of contact allergens by switch over to other occupation. Tab antihistamines daily for 3 weeks. Momentasome with fusidate topical application. Short duration of systemic steroids to control the present condition. And gradually taper and stop the drug. Sitz bath of affected parts

Yes sir I agree with you

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It's a case of IRRITANT CONTACT DERMATITIS - It's may be allergy of any fertilizer specially urea- Observe only hand affected up to wrist only- without wearing Gloves farmer mix fertilizer in buccket- This practices may going on from prom prolong period resultant in to IRRITANT ALLERGIC CONTACT DERMATITIS of occupational origin.

Contact dermatitis

Occupational irritant contact dermatitis (?)

Psoriasis/Contact dermatitis

Ch.Irritant dermatitis

Contact dermatitis, Rule out bare hand use to spray fertilizers.

Allergic Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis Use tacrolimus topical

Irritant contact dermatitis

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