A middle aged male having this swelling since 10 to 15 years very slowly increasing in size,hard to feel,free to move,opaque,non tender.No h/o DM,HT etc,smoking and tobacco continue.



Mixed parotid tumour with calcification

Opg is required.if bony changes r seen then CT might b required. D/d - -Pleomorphic adenoma or mixed tumor is the most common tumor of the parotid gland. This tumor typically manifests as a hard, painless, slow-growing , solitary mass. -Osteochondroma (Osteochondroma (OC) is also known as osteocartilaginous exostosis. It arises from the bone cortex as an exophytic lesion with a hyaline cartilaginous cap. It is one of the most common benign tumors of the axial skeleton. OC may arise in any bone that develops from endochondral ossification. It is usually painless, slow growing, solitary swelling, hard on palpation.

Doc....is it bilateral?..also any 7th Cn involvement? While slowly growing signifies...most commonly- Mixed tumour ... Chronic Smoking & tobacco signifies commonly warthin's tumour..though bilateral. Smoking is an high risk factor for Warthin's tumours. ultrasonographic characteristics differentiates.

Thanks,Unilateral.No neurological involvement.Pt.is very poor.Going under investigation very unwillingly.

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Adv opg Any histry of carious tooth? Lks like mixed tumer asiciated with parotid gland

Parotid swelling possibly benign, do USG parotid with guided FNAC and proceed.

Mixed parotid tumor Advised FNAC , USG and later biopsy

Parotif gland tumour probably benign

Parotid gland tumor

Slow growing neoplasm of long duration with hard consistency suggests the possibilities of : *Pleomorphic Adenoma with secondary changes of calcifification/ossification or chondtoid/ osteoid metaplasia. *Development of Malignancy in Pleomorphic Adenoma (Carcinoma Ex PA)/ ? Ipsilateral cervical lymphnodes appear to be enlarged. Advised Radiological/ Bx & IHC correlation.

A swelling in the region of the parotid region with lifting of the ear lobe is suggestive of parotid tumour, long history ,hard consistency and mobility suggestive of Mixed parotid tumour, confirm by scan, and superficial parotidectomy advised.

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