A middle aged male with Large Hemorrhoids

A male aged 45 years Chief Complaints Massive PR Bleeding(on/off) Requiring Blood transfusion Physical Examination Pall(++) Investigations Sigmoidoscopy done showed this


Sigmoidoscopy showing massive internal haemorrhoid in blue colour . As the pt is anaemic haemoglobin to be restored around 10 gm% before operation by blood transfusion then to decide for operation Inj sclerosing agent locally is an effective measure to arrest the bleeding. If the pt is refractory then suture ligation of the bleeder gives good result In some casewhere refractory to other methods haemorrhoidectomy may be ideal.

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal.

Huge hemorrhoids,, bleeding PR, with anemia correct anemia with blood transfusions , followed by Hemorrhoidectomy.

Grade 4 haemorrhoids Adv hemorrhoidectomy

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