A middle aged male with Massive Splenomegaly

A male aged 56 years p/w complaints of Pain Abdomen and Abd Distension since 1 month... His peripheral smear shows characteristic cells... lets discuss the findings Vitals BP- 106/60 mmHg PR- 102/min Physical Examination Massive Splenomegaly (Palpable till umbilicus) Shifting Dullness Severe Anemia


Cbc.. including TLC is mandatory for pinpoint diagnosis. Multiple images are also needed for diagnosis. High leucocytosis Whole spectrum of granulopoiesis.. myelocytes.. metamyelocytes.. ptomyelocytes... occ blasts... mature granulcytes Mild anisopoikilocytosis.. hypochromia.. target cells.. polychromatic cells.. many normoblasts Occ basophils Smudge cells Platelets.. just adequate. MYELOPROLIFERATIVE DISORDER.. LEUCOERYTHROBLASTIC BLOOD PICTURE. DD. CML IN ACCELERATED PHASE AGNOGENIC MYELOID METAPLASIA. Sug. LAP SCORE BCR.. ABL... PCR JAK 2 MUT. Study Bone marrow study Cbc.. red cellindices

High TLC count.Cells in different stages of myeloid lineage.Suggestive of chronic myeloid leukemia

Chronic myeloid leukaemia

Sir aml kayo nhi h

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