A new born baby presented hyper biliruinemea ,lethargy nd her blood report attached it Plz diagnosed this case....nd management...


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Its abo mismatch . But hb is still wnl . Its conjugated hyperbilirubinemia neonatal cholestasis. its neonatal hepatitis . Do usg to r/o choledochal cyst n biliary atresia . What about crp . If hepatosplenomegaly is present do TORCH panel. Give fat soluble vitamins lyk vit a d e and k . Dont give phototherapy . Send blood c/s . Treat neonatal sepsis if proved with iv antibiotics .

Neonatal hepatitis , sepsis can be differentials.. torch infection also has to be ruled out

Rule out hypothyroidism, G6PD deficiency. TCL normal, full sepsis screen. Breast milk jaundice is also likely. Double surface photography .

Its a case of neonatal hepatitis.

Its a case of neonatal hepatitis.

Abo mismatch... resulting into hyperbilirubinemia.. yes phototherapy can be advised.. and bilirubin to b checked 6to 8 hrly..

Neonatal hepatitis THORCH, HbsAg, syphilis, sepsis, biliary A.

I agree with Dr. Nitesh Prasad

Thank u sir

Repeat s. Bil on 13th showing fall in bill to 9..so need for phototherapy.. Do sepsis screen if lethargic.. Shd have rule out abo n rh incompat and dct also shd be done

*no need for phototherapy

Day of life Blood gp baby n mother Phototherapy

7 day of life ,baby blood gp B+ve nd mother blood gp is O +ve

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