A obese patient weight 155 kg and height 5.7 ft. Age 23. Since childhood he has problem of throats infections. Highly prone to throat infections. Earlier treatment given Homoeopathy PHYTOLACCA BERRY biochemic tablets. After consuming that medicines biochemics he is getting irritation in throat. Please suggest dx and rx for this please and please give an opinion on this?




A detailed case history following the Homoeopathic principles should be taken. After which a Constitutional medicine should be selected and dosage should be based on guidelines given by Dr. Hahnemann. This will cure the complaints. No more recurrence of throat infections. Also advise healthy lifestyle modifications to become fit from fat.

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Firstly go found out the cause of obesity..... Secondly You have not explain a case history as well not told us about any symptoms so on what basis shall I tell you the medicine.........

If Perspiration is profuse especially on head, think about Calcaria carb. Advise for gurgle with warm water 3 times/ day


No thyroid

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Adv. To rule out Underline Pathology ???

Calcaria carb 10 M single dose

Give belladona...for acute throat problem. Follow calc.carb. If symptoms match..

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