A old aged woman with Dysphagia

A old lady aged 66 years Chief Complaints Dysphagia (Solids>>Liquids) Loss of Appetite Drooling from mouth (x 2months) Investigations Barium Swallow


Elderly female presenting with recent onset mechanical dysphagia, with barium swallow showing two areas on narrowing and proximal dilatation, esophageal cancer is the first differential. But the upper narrowing is not very typical of esophageal cancer. Can be synchronous esophageal cancer. Will require a EGD with biopsy f/b CECT Neck + Thorax + Abdomen and later EUS if needed.

Barium swallow shows there are two or three constriction of oesophagel consrtiction with dilatation distal it as old lady history also typical starts with liquid and then to solid. This lady need further evaluation A upper GI Endoscopy with biposy and HPE.

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