A patient came to me on saturday,with complaint of warty growth over the middle finger of left hand, few days ago surgical excision of wart was done, with no antibiotics...due to which she developed pus in the pulp...with severe burning and throbbing pains.....after one day of surgery, A hard wart appeared agin below the nail due to pressure given to release the pus... now she is very wortied to get rid of her complain....anxious about what had happened to her, asked many times"doctor saheb thik toh ho jayega na??" thirstless, chilly, stout personality... headache due to overthinking... great prostration...yet came to me thrice ina day... please share your views doctors,




Hepar Sulphur 6four times a day for 2--3 days .Then SILICEA 30 thrice daily for 2 days . Thereafter Kali Iod 200 alternate day till cure .

Ringworm or fungal infection ki med.bataye

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Maybe root wasn't removed during first surgery added on lack of antibiotics which lead to septicaemia and recurrence hence will advise excision biopsy and double antibiotics cover along will anti inflammatory and analgesic.

Useful update sir

Sir give local anastasia and burn it by the panchaloha shalaka or electric cauterization up to the root of wart. Inj_tt and diclo should be given. Then u can advice daily dressing. Advice antibiotics, analgesics and antacid

I don't think without surgical management we can help her....

Complications developed due to surgical intervention, that too a week ago... I will definitely upload the cured case photos....

Rubrics taken Fungus growth (warts) Fingers. Side lt. Cold in general agg. (chilli) Head pain. Weakness. Rhus tox.

Useful update sir...

Add two more Anx for health Fear of Disease Think of Hep

Rhus tox cover whole Case give r. T Rhus 200 One Dose dry on tongue.

Only Dr Modi tried to convince his selection of medicine ,no other homeopathic dr.tried it to explain why? My suggestion is try to understand mental condition n symptoms e.g. mildness, timidity, light desire for gear of suffering along with other systems n go for repertorisation than select the similimum.only a few doses are required to cure the patient , not only the disease .Have faith in yourself . Dr. Beniwal

following rubrics for this case may help u:- light desire for anxiety health about his own anxiety fear with carried desires to be delusion poisoned thought he had been restlessness anxiety with. now repertorise with these rubrics it will help

Use pamari churn lepan with mustard oil mixed N dressing with pipal leafs,

Give murc.sol 30

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