A patient presented to the Department of Pathology with chief complaints of Shortness of breath, Fever and body aches. Her blood profile: HB : 12 gm%, Platelets : 53,000/cumm, DLC : N: 25, L: 73, M: 02 ( on Cell counter) Peripheral blood smear examined. Probable diagnosis and further course of management?


Lymphocytic leukocytosis with transformed lymphocytes.? Viral

-Atypical lymphocytes Lymphocytic leucocytosis with thrombocytopenia However,detail clinical evaluation (+ organomegaly), PBS, flow cytometry to be carried out for needful.

Lymphocytic leucocytosis Atypical lymphocytes present Do flow cytometry to exclude any abnormality because of thrombocytopenia

Transformed (atypical) lymphocytes. Also called. DOWNEY CELLS. VIROCYTES. SUG.CLINICAL CORRELATION. ....MONOSPOT

Atypical lymphocytes ? Viral

Activated virocytes ? IM

TLC n age?

Tlc 11300.. Age 55 F

Atypical lymphocytes, exclude Infectious mononucleosis

First rule out viral etiology Take history and do other Investigations What about total WBC count

Tlc is 11300..

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