A patient presented with subconjunctival hemorrhage help in diagnosing the causes and treatments.

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Yes a detail history is necessary to find the cause which most commonly are trauma(direct/indirect), diabetes, hypertension, chronic cough, frequent sneezing. It usually resolve in 2-3 weeks on its own. But for patients satisfaction, vit C tab od, with a lubricant for 10 days. If traumatic plz do stain. If it's a recurring one r/o blood dyscrasias

It is subconjunctival hge with involvement of cornea which is hazy in temporal area. Do fl stain and also look for deep scleral injury as the haematoma is dense at places. Do thorough detail anterior and posterior exam to rule out any associated injury. Antibiotics drops and ointment and patching if fl stain is positive. Sub conj hge will resolve by itself. Associated ant or post segment needs @specific treatment. By the way not only nail polish but also the skin colour of the fingers are different

For cause u have to take history of cough, trauma, tt it will resolve itself in 21 days, so counsel pt n let them know, for patient satisfaction u can gv any lubricant like refresh tears 1 drop four times a day and vitamin C tablets, dat z Tab Limcee 1 tab Od for 3 weeks, try to look for cause by taking proper history and try to treat dat, BTW nice shades doctor.

If patient Complains trauma,also stain cornea and look for any any active corneal ulcer, n trt the same.

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Looks like any ext.injury involved in to cornea ...treat with lubricants drops to clean it properly and add some antibiotics with steroids and vit a and c moreover if more complications then refer to eye specialist. ..

If there is corneal involvement if should avoid steroid

Treatment includes rest and use of vit in the dose of 500 mg once daily for 2-3 weeks and a artificial tear along with diagnosis of the cause and treating it.

Looks like sunconjunctival haemorrhage. Stain with flouroscein to look for corneal involvement

Sub conj hemorrhage.. Rule.out trauma..,htn..and cardiac disease... Adv limcee 6th hrly

Injury, insect bite, severe cough, drugs, Thrombocytopenia. Get Clotting profile done.

@goblins sharma

This seems to be a case of traumatic s/c h'ge & corneal abrasion. As for s/c h'ge ,no Rx is necessary . The corneal abrasion should be treated by antibiotic drops , short acting cyclopiegic drops , patching of eye & Nsaid drugs orally.

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