A patient with rpd for anterior tooth complains of palatal swelling

A patient with RPD for anterior tooth complains of palatal swelling with no medical history... oral hygiene is just OKAY ..plzz comment the treatment plan...additional to prophylaxis...thanx in advance...



Ohhh!! Some quack make it instantly. They tie a wire on adjacent teeth . Make a ball of RR. Place teeth on it. And let it set in mouth. Palatal side they give big extentions and lock the RR in interdental space. Lot of heat generats. Its very difficult to remove. Once u remove. Leave the tissue . Nothing to do. Let him breathe. It will be fine. If ulcers u can give dologel Ct. Dont forget charge bit higher as punishment. These kind of patients seeks cheap dentistry, advertise those quacks. When bone stuck in throat then they remember dentists

it is removable sir... i frgt to tk a pic of prosthesis...poorly made partial denture...bt its removable

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dis lovely denture is made by quacks only...what dey did they pasted it with cold cure(acrylic)...nd made it as fix teeth..hehe ...it harms d overlying tissues dts why inflammed so badly..remove dis so caled denture nd make it heal .....advice gum paint ...mouth wash ...nd maintainance of oral hygience

dey dnt even use wires or clips they instantly made dis wd cold cure and pasted in mouth...pt become happy wid so fast and fixed work without knwng ill effects...

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Extraction #11 Oral prophylaxis..

hmmm thanku...

The tooth no 11 has moved labially-pathological migration because of palatal swelling and deep true periodontal pocket,Management includes Systemic Antibiotic,Anti-inflammatory medication with surgical intervention ,root planning and fixed prostheses replacing the RPD. Dr.Guljar Chand

Ask the pt about the labially placed central incisor, wether it was like that from before or wether that happened only after the RPD was inserted, or if there was any h/o trauma. This will determine if it's pathologic migration or not. Also, from your images I can see swollen gingival adjacent to the posterior teeth also. And since the denture is removable, do consider that the patient may be allergic to the acrylic or the monomer in it. Post oral prophylaxis, this case requires curettage in the areas where the gingiva is inflammed. Clohex mouthwash TD along with Hexigel applied locally to inflammed areas will help to reduce the inflammation. After 3 weeks, you will see that the gingival proliferation would have reduced appreciably. Any remaining proliferation can then be excised by a periodontist. But this can be done only after reduction of proliferation as the tissues will bleed profusely. Once the gingival issues have settled down, counsel the pt and advise an FPD, as if the pt is allergic to acrylic or monomer (it is more common than you think), chances are that it will recur again, especially since the pts oral hygiene is below average. 16 seems to be grossly carious and should be extracted asap in order to bring down the over all infection level in the oral cavity.

Faulty restoration should be removed.....thorough SRP along with proper oral hygiene maintainence is required....also the incisor seems pathologically migrated....so v hv look for the prognosis accordingly...

SRP is not a one stage procedure...u need patience....swelling will subside but will take time to heal completely....around one month...along with go for radiograph to know proper bone level...it will help u for further prosthesis ..oral prophylaxis ,gum aid along with warm rinse is required during the treatment

just sit nd relax he will be fine within 1 month. Advice worm saline mouth rinse

do such enlarged(which is growing till occlusal level) gingiva can regressed to normal ....?

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is that oral hygiene ok. also u must go and Sue the dental quack for such treatment.

remove the faulty Rpd. Go for scaling and root planing ! add vitamins and anti oxidants ! review after 15 days

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Generalised gingivitis Oral prophylaxis Mouthwash

Could be irritations fibroma, seems to be a quacks denture, advice to remove the denture, a prophylaxis with deep scaling will make better

do this swelled gingiva can come back to normal....?
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