a pt 60 yr old female suffering from- -pain in lower back specially sacro iliac joint,hip muscles and back of thigh since 2 months.pain< working,moving and>by pressure,lying on back. -Headache frontal after reading ,pulsating type >by rest,closing eyes -BP high -when anxious about her family and job. past history of- epilepsy -having allopathic t/t tegritol 200 coronary heart disease{30%blockage} in cardiac arteries.-having allopathic t/t investigation reports are attached -



Early degenerative changes with sacralization(spondylosis) Rest, avoid forward bending,dry warm compress. As per investigated report, should be prescribed Calcium and D3 to combat osteoporosis because patient having post menopausal phase. Cholesterol level just crossed , patient is known CHD and perhaps under treatment of any cardiologist consequently may intake statin group of drugs otherwise diet should be restricted. Saturated fatty acid containing oil must be curtailed. Tendency to Diabetes mellitus so diabetic diet also encouraged. According to your presented modalities following medicines are most identical Rhus.tox., Phyt. D., Rad. Brom., Aescul. hip., Ruta G. But here 2 features most striking and similar with Ruta G. ■Backache relieved by pressure and lying on back. ■Headache worse after reading.

Bry 2oo single dose

Sulphur , Hypericum , Bryonia may be Helpfull.

I gave bryonia 200 to the pt.now her pain in hips and back of thigh is relieved.{less frequently}.But now pt have pain in rt calf muscle.sometimes pain extends from hip to calf muscles.pain agg - evening.

Cal carb 30 try for relived rt calf muscles

Pulse 200one Dose dry

Bellodona-cal phos 6

Cal phos, Cal flour, Tuberculinum 1m single dose

Aesculus hip and bellis perf

Hypericum, Bryonia, ruta , may be helpful

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