a PT had came with complain of fever joints pain weakness since 3 day n had this type of mark



mark bad ulcer visa rp chikitsa along jwar kaishor guggul gandhak rasayan praval pisti jatyadi tail local

may be suspected pt. are going to dengue sided . which cases mostly seeing in thrambocytopenia

eschar formation or may b some dermatological condition causing fever

Joints pain&Mark....it's symptoms chicken gunia investigation

Looks like thrombocytopenic pyrexia

viral fever May be


...Rule out ITP * DHF...Admit the pt.

use ayurvedic medicine 1 sahar shaktiprash powder one tea spon two time daily 2 sheikh pachan churan one tea spon ate night 3 syp arjunarisht use two time daily 4 roojana rat ko ek glass milk m 5ml deshe ghee milakar pilaya karo or deshe ghee m haldi milakar lagao

Mahasudarsan tab.giloye tab each 2____2tab.amla juice.chandarprabha.1___1tab.______amla 30mlbefore meal 2times. &tab.after mea....DX_dalia.khichadi&light food.

Investigate CBC. RBS ..

I think fever and joint pain should be treated first..may be this mark associated with other cause..proper history is needed in this case.

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