A pt of 16 yr M complaint of urticaria starting from hands and spreading to whole body ..now on allopathy treatment since 4-5 days .the nature of rashes is recurring after 7-8 hours even after taking medicine also .plz suggest line of treatment homoeopathically .thanks



Dear Dr Anju Abhyantara : Gandhaka Rasayana tab 2 bid Pancha tikta guggul ghrita 2 tab bid Haridra khanda 5 gm bid with milk Anupana; Saribhadyasava 20ml bid Kadirarista 20ml bid Thanks with regards

Urticaria starts from hands. Check whether hands repeatedly come in contact with some allergen. Urtica urens is a good remedy for urticaria, but more symptoms are required to hit the similimum.

Dear Dr's , I thank you all for ur valuable suggestions and queries I enquire about it again Pt have violent itching ( no burning ) when urticaria starts appearing It starts with hands and then spread to whole body Pt noticed that it starts when he came from hot sunny weather to exposure of cooler . Regarding mentals - pt belongs to lower middle class family .single child .appearing in 12th along with prep for IIT entrance ..in stress as he says my parents have much hope from me. Frequently catches cold H/o asthama in childhood Very intelligent and brave Typical "calc carb look ".

Rx Rhustox200+Apis mel200+Arsenic alb200(mix in equal quantity in pills) - takke 4 pills BD for 1week then OD at empty stomach in morning... for20 days

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Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Rx Urtica Urens 30Xbd. * Apismel 30 is Best. Changes Weather Rx Natrum Sulph 200 is Best.

What are the proper modalities and what all drugs you have prescribed? Homeopathy takes into account all the symptoms and modalities. Please specify.

Must narrate case with modalities and onset general constitution

We have to get proper case with modalities and symptoms with peculiar outcome

You can give Urtica urens 200 Apis mel 200 Skukum chuk 3x give exlnt result

Agree with dr sai vivek areti sir... Need more information

give nux vom 200 tds...and also natrum phos 6x for proper digestion...it will cure the recurrency and eventually rashes will be cured...

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