A question for UG Ayush students. A 46 years man came with pain in the particular point of left elbow for 15 days . < extention of hands. History of caring heavy weight. what is the provisional diagnosis? what will be ayush management?



Dear Dr. This pain due to may be bruished , maximum pt. Comes with this past History. So it may helpful Arnica1m. daily one dose and cal. Phos. Twice daily.

Tennis elbow Rhus tox 10 M

Tendinitis, caused--- by lifting is called Tennis elbow, rhusthux,belis per is helpful medicine Prination&supination is helpful excersis

Simple muscular strain, rx application of mahamashadi tail +mahanarayan tail slightly over the affected area, as pain increase if you put more pressure 2 tab yogaraj guggulu 250 mg bd, simhanad guggulu 250 mg bd, vatagankush rasa 250 mg bd, rasnasaptak kwatha 2 tsf with luke warm water bd, u can also do swedan with errand patra. it will take at least 15 days to get results and important thing take rest

Plz You only Answer sir.

Stress, Mahanaryan tail apply N warm water beg used, Lakshadi guggul 2 BD, Maharasandi quath 30 ml with warm water BD.

Thanks,Dr.Sukla Vikram sir.

It's Tennis Elbow Bellis Perennis and Carbo Animalis helpful medicine.

Pain Side lt Elbows Spot symptom in Lifting straining agg. Rhus tox or sulph.

Spot symptom in do not have ruta as per history given.

Tensynovitis get x Ray done!!

Muscular strain twice daily Arnica 200 Rhus tox 30 Ruta 200

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