A second calver cow, parturated 4 months back suddenly fell I'll 3days back with vulval swelling and edema of surrounding region. Offeed for 3 days, taking little water, unable to stand properly, shivering of hind quarter. No history of AI or per_rectal examination, natural service by bull is not sure. Temp 99.5, Cow is alert to surrounding. Lactation stopped.Please suggest the line of treatment or what diagnostic measure should be followed.



May be a case of trynosomiasis, occasionally sub normal temp & vavar swelling present with dependable part of body,so,treat with Nyzom 250mg s/c or I/m.with Inerol 10ml I/m.&10 ml.tribevet inj.

May be a case of insect bites or scorpion etc causing local edema n infection. Causing peripheral circulatory failure.may be tried atropine inj.dexamethasone. antibiotic penecillin.n fluid Intalyte or wolktrose.enerdyna or ketoroak or e booster orally.

Insect bites or scorpion bite is unilaterally where here swelling is bilateral ok some time there may be case of genital form of IBR or HS I have seen such type case three animal of one owner and all three animal died.

Yes sir today i also treat the case but death of the suspected animal lastly diagnosed Confrm BQ

May or may not be trypanosomaisis or BQ i think gynological problem with local swelling treat with xylofur z and maxxtol xp 10ml iv and rumenotric drugs

Think of plant poison mimosin?. give fluid therapy, inj.triblue, inj.CPM. Orally give beetal leaf 10 nos with pepper hand full.

I have seen such type of cases here. It recovers by symptomatic treatment with CPM and meloxicam, atropine sulphate etc.

B Q suspected due to injection.

B Q suspected.

N.S. by bulls 2-3 times may cause this type of swelling. Milk has reduced due to high level of oestrogens.She may have remained in heat for long period. Temp is normal &no swelling in muscles , no B Q.,& no chance of tryps.Rx Injs CPM, Melonex , Pinkojet( B.complex).High levels of oestrogens,longer the heat period - more the number of NS--more the chance of vulval injury &milk reduction.

On which account you diagnosed gynological problem sir.Animal parturate 4 month behind,no natural matting as wel as A.I.There is no chance for gyn. Problem sir.if B.Q.then why costly med.xyrofur why not choice of drug penicillin which is cheap also.

It is true sir but only when confirm of BQ and also tempr is subnormal i think not BQ

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