A seven yr boy having distended abdomen for 10days , Spot diagnosis .

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If its down syndrome how cum distension is present only since 10 days . Further these type of facies may be familial . Usg abdomen will solve the puzzle along with xray erect abdomen . Cbc crp serum albumin urine r/e . May b a case of enterocolitis.

Malnutrition with distended abdomen ma7y be due to Ascariasis? A case of Down syndrome?

? Down syndrome Correct nutrition with good nutritious balanced diet supplement by multivitamins and iron orally. Deworm child first with albendazole. Maintain height and weight chart. Improve general health and personal hygiene.

Thanks Dr shriprakash

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Malnutrition with down syndrome

Is this Russell sign of anorexia nervosa.. calluses via induced vomiting??

May be a case of icc..indian chilhood cirrhosis

A case of Down Syndrome.

Distension is may be due to hypotonia of muscles

Down’s syndrome children have hypotonia of muscles,,so distended abdomen

Malnutrition, Cirrhosis with Ascitis. Rule out tropical infections and infestations

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