A two year make child after urination .some amount of ant arond the urine.


Do urine r/e check for sugar. Blood sugar random n fasting. Two diagnosis to b ruled out juveline onset diabetes Mellitus n renal glycosuria.

Although urine sugar and RBS can be done, But thread worm infestations and local fungal infection to be examined and treated if required

It may be normal, due to sugar content in urine Excess sugar intake may be a cause in child **Take the food intake history

Urine routine check to be done for sugar level, May be child is having more sweet food leads to wrong assumption.

Diabetes profile to be done Take history of food intake other than breast milk

Please check for the sugar levels in the blood and urine to rule out T1DM.

Thank you doctor

Pls Do Blood sugar check. To rule out Type 1 DM Otherwise it's normal.

It's quite normal some times if baby taking bottle feed

Diabetic history in pts FBS/ PP Urine examination

Check DM mostly Diabetic insipidous

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