A typical case of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder treated with homoeopathic system of medic

Dr. Chief Complaints 11 years old female child patient was having following complaints Mentally retarded Confused Don't know how to speak write and read as well She does toilet in her cloths Don't know how to dressup herself Fear of strangers Can slap to anyone anywhere History No history of pregnancy and delivery complications Vitals Pallor - absent Pulse - 78/ min Height and weight ratio was normal Physical Examination Couldn't check Reflexes as she was not allowing to touch her Investigations Advised for CT scan, MRI of brain Diagnosis ADHD Management Natrium Muriaticum was prescribed on the basis of normal physical growth and mental retardation. Nat.Mur. 1M/1 dose stat Phytum 30/ tds for 15 days was prescribed.


Good work @Dr. Megha Vyas . I'll suggest few medicines. ABROTANUM, BARYTA CARB, BUFO RANA and SILICEA. Go for the characteristics and proceed accordingly. All the best.

Baryta carb. Was thought as she was behaving like that Thank you doctor

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