A Very interesting case Yesterday in my clinic 29yr. old Female pt. C/o Chest pain Radiating to Lt. Arm ass. with Ghabrahat and mild Sweating H/o Lt. Arm numbness and back pain through neck since 10 day's CBC, ECG, Lipid pro. Normal X-ray Attach



Xray lateralviewcervical spine shows straightening of cervical spine with narrow disc spaceC4-5,5-6,C 6-7 , maximum at C5- 6 level. Left arm numbness due to radicular involvement. Suggest MRI cervical spine to see the neuraxis involvement . Young pt chest pain radiating to left upper limb with sweating,ECG normal,needs further cardiac evaluation also.Sweating usually not associated with cervical spondylotic symptoms.

Degenerative spondylosis changes between C4-C5, C5-C6-C7 regions with osteophytes at joints of Luschka ( intervertebral synovial joints), which may be irritating corresponding nerve roots in intervertebral foramina and may be cause of brachial neuralgia. However, component of anxiety state must be taken into consideration in this 29 yrs old female.

It's look like cervical SPONDYLOSIS Physiotherapy management 1. Proper neck posture ...Patient must avoid situations where he has to keep his neck in one position for a long time. Only a thin pillow should be used at night 2.. Neck muscle exercises....These help in improving the neck posture 3... Analgesics 4... Hot fomentation 5... Rest to the neck in a cervical collar 6... Traction to the neck if there is 7... stiffness Anti-emetics, if there is giddiness

Multiple level degenerative disc disease Disc osteophyte complex encroaching canal Root compression and possible cord compression MRI evaluation

there appears to be cervical spondylosis with disc... try symptomatic relief with analgesics physio... if not working then plan for MRI

Case of Cervical Spondylosis.Tens and Ultrasound to reduce pain.cervical Traction also suggestive.Ask her to wear cervical collar during activity.hot water fermentation.Isometrics for neck muscles.

Cervical spondylosis fracture c3c4 MRI angina cervical spondylosis

Cervical vertebrae are osteoporotic, with spondylosis,causing C4,5,6, nerve Compression ,requires MRI spine plain ,if necessary contrast & treat,also associated blood tests ,serum calcium,D3, CRP, Thyroid profile, to clinch the further treatment,

Cervical spondylosis

Multilevel spondylosis.

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