Fever and pain

A women age 26 years old, Housewife. c/o- Women two day fever with pain from waist to legs. She have cough, Headache and nausea. The women took only paracetamol to get fever 101. After taken paracetamol she was healthy for few times again fever with pain from waist to legs , headache and nausea. stool- Irregular urine- Clear B/P- 120/80mmHg B/W- 51 kg Desired food sold sleeplessness No other problems. plz doctor's suggest tretment. @Smriti M @Dr. Ranjit Poria @Satya Narayan@ Meena


First R/O ....Covid-19, It maybe Viral fever, wait for 3 more days, c Paracetamol only, if don’t improve, Adv. CBC, Dengue,Widal,RoT,

Tq.Dr.Anjali kalariya

Look viral fever Tab paracetamol Tab multivitamin Cap cefixime 400mg. Od 5 daye

Thank you doctor

Bell 30 Allium cepa 30