A young female aged 26 yrs presented with complaints of Severe Dyspnea (on/off), Pale body color, Extreme body weakness and Occ cough since 1 month....She was quite active and had no comorbidities ever....Comment on her reports and discuss the clinical approach



Extensive bilateral fibrocavitary lesion with calcification. Send sputum for AFB, CBNAAT, mycobacterial BACTEC culture and fungal KOH smear, Gram stain and C/S. Start broad spectrum antibiotics, oxygen, correct dehydration, proper nutrition.

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Diffuse both sides of lung likely Koch's chest with possibility of septicemia which causes anaemia. Hospitalization in ICU and corrective measure to Avoid septicemic shock and other related complications.

Diffuse infiltration both sides likely koch's With possibility of septicemia with Iron deficiency anemia

Bilateral extensive soft shadows S/o PTB

bilateral extensive soft shadows especially in diagonal distribution s/o ptb

Cxr suggest, Rt Mz, LZ, Lt UZ, Mz fibro cavitary lesion: rt apical localised pneumothorax: they appear of long duration., with secondary infection: sputum culture& sensitivity, including AFB.

Extensive bilateral fibrocavitary lesions

B/l fibrocavatatory inhomogenous opacity with consolidation likely koch do sputum cbnaat afb c/s if afb negative then do fob and send bal to cbnaat mgit

Fibrotic lesion both side 02 supply Syrp.ascoril lp Inj.deri Inj.rl +mvi Nev.duoline,budacort

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