A young male with CVA

A young male aged 34 years who is a chronic smoker Chief Complaints Sudden onset GTCS f/b Left sided Hemiparesis 2 hrs back Vitals BP- 186/120mmHg PR- 110/min


Big intracerebral hemorrhage periventricular area and rt parietal lobe compressing rt ventricle though no leakage seen but cerebral oedema around lesion noted Since pt smoker and uncontrolled hypertensive Inj dexamethasone 8hrly Inj Ceftriaxozone and inj lasix Gradual control of bp Inj nootropil Watch for improvement

RT Capsuloganglionic hematoma with perilesional edema. Control BP. Conservative nanagement at present. Rept Ct 24 hrs or earlier if clinical deterioration

Rt paraventricular irregular hyperdensed lesion with perilesional edema noted. Possibly aneurysmal bleed. Adv Neurosurgeon's reference.

Patient is young and having intracranial haemorrhage in internal capsule region with midline shifting. This patient should be investigated for secondary HTN thoroughly along with ANA,Antiphospholipid antibody, double stranded DNA antibody, MR Cranial Angiography. Patient should be manage with I V fluid, mannitol,antibiotic, antiepileptic ,antihypertensive along with other supportive treatment. Neurosurgeon opinion is essential.

right side ICH


Right intracranial heamorrage involving the internal capsule and pressing on the lateral ventricle.....immediate BP reduction , MANNITOL, lasix , colihenz

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