A patient 55 year old Throat infection.. Dry cough No smoking... Plzzz suggest treatment

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Bryonia 200
Rx Ars.alb.
Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Rx Lachesis 200 weekly 1dose.X1month. =4dose. Bryonia 30 Xbd.
Respected doctor please post your case in discussion, question section has word limit.
बेलाडोना मर्क-कोर मर्क-सोल एकोनाइट लैकेसिस कैल्के-फास बैराइटा-कार्ब कैल्के-फास
Homoeopathy needs the case records to find out the similimum...
@belladona 30 and kali bich 30
Rx Belladonna 200/tds
Ars alb may work