a14 year girl presented with such lesions in mouth since one week no history of fever,no pain no difficulty in swallowing, what's diagnosis and treatment



Tonsillolith Ask the patient to maintain oral hygiene If this happens frequently go for tonsillectomy. Tonsillar stones (tonsilloliths) are white or yellow concretions in tonsillar crypts that originate as a result of microorganism and cellular debris retention in the crypts of palatine tonsils.Tonsillolithiasis, the formation of tonsil stones, is thought to occur mainly due to repeated inflammation of the tonsillar crypts with recurrent tonsillitis and calcification.

I agree

MUCUS PLUG in TONSILLAR CRYPT No treatment required It will fall off in time If persistent it can be physically removed by ENT Specialist

QUINSEY chr tonsilitis Conservative rx oral gargales Broadspectrum antibiotics Antiinflamatory If not responding adv tonsillectomy

Thanx dr Huzaifa Shafi

Most probably tonsollith;no rx if no symptoms;remove tonsil stones using tip of tongue or finger,Home remedy would be to guide with salt water and remove with sterile cotton swab...else curretage,local excision,Laser removal under LA

Mucous plug in Tonsillar crypt. No treatment as such. Oral gargles.

Yes Mucus plug in tonsil are crypt Go as Dr K Pichumani suggested

Thanks, Dr Sanjoy Sarkar

Fur coated tongue White spot which is black encircled could be tonsillolith..

Oral thrush start application of candid oral gel and fllucanozol.oraly. take history in case forced in to oral sex.


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