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please dx & rx 41 year old male patient suffering long time this disease


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kaloids.... You can treat this with corticosteroid injs.
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Keloids locally pratisharniy khshar sodhit ghret orally calc flour 6x tds thuja 1 m monthly
Keloid. Try calc flour or thiosimin or constitutional medicine
Silicea.200 weekly 6week if requred tub.1m monthly intercurrent
It's a keloid, Rx in homepathy...Nit acid,Graphites, silicea..
kaloids.... You can treat this with corticosteroid injs.
Keloid.... Difficult to manage....
Keloid is with post acne tendency use triphla guggul with gomutra along with above medication and yava as pathya ,avoid oily diet and milk products ,,,prevent from injury and direct exposure from sun
Keloid sure ,ilsi is option but go 4 nirgundi tailum and kshar application locally as mas dhatugat vikar ,,,gomutra with shilajit for systemic use
Keloid....thiosinaminum... Sil ,graph, thuja c. C medo can work give after differentiating it...
Keloids ..when there is no results with treatment, Marma chikitsa helps a lot.
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