Nidana:- Abnormalities any one of Garbha sambhava samgri will leads to infertility 1.Rutu 2. Kshetra 3. Ambu 4. Beeja 1. YoniPradosha (Abnormalities of reproductive organs ) - Yonivyapada( Gynecologic disorders) - Injury to ARTAVAVAHA SROTAS - Yoni arsha - Garbhakosa bhanga ( Injury to uterus) - Bhaga sankocha ( contraction of vulva and vagina) - Sphalita mutratwa 2. Mansika Abhitapa ( psychological Abnormalities) 3. Shukra dosha (Abnormalities of shukra) 4. Asruk dosha (Abnormalities of asruk) 5. Ahara dosha (Abnormalities of diet) 6. Vihara dosha (Abnormalities of mode of life) 7. Akala yoga ( Coitus in improper time) 8. Bala kshaya (Loss of strength) 9. Atma dosha (Abnormalities of atma) 10. Deva prakopa (Curses of god) CLASSIFICATION According to Acharya charaka 3 type of vandhyatva 1. Vandhya:- vandhya Refers to incurable congenital or acquired Abnormalities resulting into absolute sterility. 2. Sapraja (Secondary infertility) sapraja is a condition in which women in her active reproductive age dose not conceive after giving birth to one or more children or it refers to secondary infertility. 3. Apraja (Primary infertility) Condition in which a woman in her active reproductive age dose not conceive at all. Infertility in which women conceives after treatment. Reference:- Charaka samhita P.V. Tiwari



Dear Dr. Aniruddhsinh Rathod Sir, I would like to add Ashruk Dosha means Blood factors Anti D. Atma Dosha means Atamaj purvajanmakruta dosha. which may effect on DNA. Dev Prakopa means in day today life , who is doing unsocial activities like cruelty , terrorism etc are Count in Dev Prakopa. See, This is my opinion, I may be correct or wrong.
Yes sure sir it can be considered , I agree

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