White discharge in neonate

A 20 days old girl child present with white discharge from vagina.. since 10 days.. No other clinical sign nd symptoms except common cold. Diagnosis and treatment ??

White discharge in female neonates is normal. Because high circulating female hormones is the cause . It is normal Pathological disharge due fungal trichomonal infection may be possible. Only clean the discharge with wet cotton .clean the discharge. No active treatment for this. It will subside it's own when hormonal levels become normal.
20 days old and discharge since a month? Please frame your question correctly. Such typographic error lands us in huge problems. Anyhow, this is due to hormone withdrawal and will subside on its own.
Sorry Boss...my mistake
This is normal related to hormonal withdrawal from mother in womb It disappears on its own in few days No treatment required
10 days before birth child age 20 days , white discharge since 1 month
Female child 20 days old White discharge from vagina since 1 month Wonderful it is 10 days before birth
I think it's normal due to hormonal changes . Wait and watch no need treatment
- Common phenomenon - Due to maternal oestrogen withdrawal
Child age 20 days white discharge since 1 month Wonderful 10 days before birth
It will subsides by its own, no treatment required.
Neonatal leuccrrhoea Insignificant
Thanx dr M L Yadav

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