Method of Homoeopathic Prescribing

@Dr. Pushker Mehra @Dr. Hiral Maliwad @Drdivya Bijalwan That means that in government opd doctors compromise on the quality of treatment provided to the patient of India. Instead of communicating with appropriate authority inorder to provide quality treatment to the patients, compromising on the health of suffering people, is nothing more than exploitation which Master Hahnemann has always reprimanded. And who gives the right to Homoeopathic physician to decide this improper approach to the science? When did it become a choice to compromise on the basic laws and guidelines laid down by Master Hahnemann. That means doctors themselves are responsible for the current situation of Homoeopathy in the country. If all the homoeopaths strictly adhere to the laws of science, Homoeopathy will receive the respect it deserves.
Its mainly performed at places where the number of patients are more as in government hospitals & where Doctors are giving medicines in combinations. Its really difficult to stop such thing as different homeopaths have different practicing styles. So a regulation can't be enforced for it. It can only be controlled by the Homeopathic doctor himself by abiding himself to the basic principles of homeopathy. In govt. hospitals, if the patient flow is high, then the doctor is left with no option to prescribe quickly and in combinations. Only an experienced doctor can give correct single medicine at that time. Such challenges can be solved by giving the cases to students & interns to do case taking & the doctor can prescribe after that. It will not only reduces allopathic prescribing in Homeopathy but also will enrich the students with clinical experience.
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Drdivya Bijalwan Dr. Ruchita Bambhaniya
I totally agree with Dr Pushker.... It depends on the doctor himself.... But this is also the truth that sometimes the opd is full of patients especially the government opds so the doctor have no choice... As there is not much time for proper case taking and repertorisation.... Sometimes...the patients are in a hurry too they don't have time for proper case..and ask the physician to prescribe some remedy on the presenting ailments... Sometimes physicians prescribe medicine on the basis of their clinical experience rather than finding the similimum.... So it totally depends on the doctor.... So it would be possible if the doctor gives case taking duty to the interns and the juniour doctors...and morover especially for the chronic cases the doctor can ask the patients to take appointment.if they agree.....So that work can be done efficiently and on time....
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