Chronic kidney disease stage IV

45 year-old male with a history of chronic kidney disease stage IV secondary to diabetic nephropathy presents with cough, sore throat, and fever. His creatnine level is- 5.6 mg/dl. He has been on antibiotics and diuretics since 1 year but there has not been much improvement. Recent complains of cough and fever have made him weak. On examination there is B/l pitting edema on feet. On lungs auscultaion rales ++. B/l air entry ++ He is kapha vata prakriti. Mala- Sama Jihva - Sama Urine- reduced output and sometimes pain in pelvic region on micturating. D/n frequency- 6-7/3


Diabetic nephropathy abyanga with Nishoushiradi taila(vaidya rathnam) will definatly helpful in diabetic neuropathy along with this i m using c.palcineuron c.neuplex(caram) ashwaganda churna
Not Sure about the Prognosis at this stage but Makoy Ark Neeri KFT And Sarvatobhadra Rasa can help in improving the QOL @Shraddha Solanki Ji
Pdrs of the following Punarnava Goxur Haldi Mullethi Katuki Vidang. Take twice daily. Chandraprabha vati Goxuradi guggul Manjishtha Ghana vati Kaishore guggul.
रोगी वृकाकर्मणयता से पीड़ित है। चिकित्सा शुरू करने से पहले रोगी का पूरा विवरण भेजें ताकि उचित परामर्श दिया जा सके
Adv some needful investigation like CBC. K.F.T.,urine examination. B.sugar..Syp Neeri KFT 2tsf TDS..
Chandra prabha vati avipittikar churna Goxuradi guggulu Manjisthadi kwath Punarnva mandur
Sy.Neeri KFT 15ML TWICE,Punarnava mandur 2-3gms twice Tab.Respicare 2-0-2.
Punarnavasava 2tsf bd, kaphaketu rasa 1tid, yashti churna 4gms bd.
Occimum caryophyllatum Q Urea pura 30
CanthQ China Q Constitutional best
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