14 yr male child with skin lesion 1 yr back.dx.rx.



It's shwitra here diet is important stop All bakery fast food junk non veg curds sour salty viruddha ahar.Shodhan Vaman to be done befor staring Treatment.Swayambhu gug 1-1-1 After meals,Tab pigmento 1-1-1 After meals,Tab Mamjishta ghan 1-1-1 after meals.Application of Bakuchi oil and pigments oint and sitting in Morning ☀️ sun for 30 mins is essential
Dr. Manoj Kumar Sir, It is a case of Switra as per Ayurveda classics , as it is within 1 year duration, we can take up the case but the excellency of outcome depends upon your assessment ( Tridosha, Tridhatu involvement acc. To his symptom and Prakriti ) and Pt's liking and interest , Bala , Satmya regarding treatment in Ayurveda. The classical way of treatment is - 1. Snehapan - Swedan - Vaman - Samsarjana Karma ( gap of 15 days mandatory for conducting Vamana and Virechana simultaneously as per texts and practical experience ) - Snehan + Swedan ( 3 days ) - Virechana - Samsarjana Karma. 2. Use of Somaraji / Bakuchi Kashayam and apply of Medicated oil ( Somaraji / Maha marichyadi Tailam ) all over body and sitting in Sun rays are advised to create Spota in the affected places and then puncture with sharp Yantras. 3. Decreases the use of salt during treatment period and use Takram to reduce thirst after prolonged sitting in Sun ray is advised. 4. Apply of Sabarnakara lepa ( Bakuchi churna + 1/4 th of Harital shodita churna ) over the affected areas are advised to create Bhrajaka pitta on Skin. 5. Internal medications - A. Kaishara Guggulu Gulika DS 1 x 2 tab after food x continue as per improvement B. Br. Manjisthadi Kashayam 15 ml BD in empty stomach with 30 ml Luke warm water C. Gomutrasavam 10 ml BD after food with equal dilution. D. Pathyapathya palan E. Nidan parivarjanam
शिवत्र रोगी की चिकित्सा न करें। अप यश मिलेगा। मेरा 45 वर्ष का अनुभव यही कहता है
श्वित्र..( leucoderma) 1. nitya virechan with Trifala churn... 2. vakuchi. churn 50. gm + giloy satwa. 10. gm. + kaya kalp vati 40. gm mix. all. and. divided. into. 60. dosage.. 1 dose....bd 3. Aarogyvardhini. vati. 1. bd nimbg. ghan. vati 1. bd 4. syp. Lekoskin. 5. lekoskin ointment.
Dr.Pranav Pradhan Rasmanik 10 GM, Louhbhasm 10 GM Giloysatva20 GM Kuktandav bhasma10 mixedN 100 mg with honey BD.is helpful.
For external application AVALGUJADI LEPA SOMRAJI TAILA AYASKRITI 12 to 24 ml KASIS BHASMA 250 mg anupan bakuchi churna , triphala kwatha , madhu MANIBHADRA GUDA 6 GRAM. anupan jal ya dugdha
Switra.. Need more details like duration. Kosth. Eating habits. Agni. Etc. Patient needs panchkarma.
Vitiligo vulgaris
Nobars cream
Switra Shodhan vaman Shaman arogya vardhini ,KG,manjistha, Pigmento tab /oint also having gud results Bakuchi churna add Diet kaph vardhak av stop,bekary food fermented food,curd
Is it sadhya? @Dr. Niranjan Ram @Dr. Pranav Pradhan @Dr. P. G. Shah @Dr. Surbala Badgaiyan ?
i. think. this. case. is. Krichhsadhya,,,,,,depend. on. pt's luck....... in. Ayurveda. one . of. reason. is. purw janm kritt. paap,,,,,,

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Nidan parivarjan Nitya Virechan with tripla tablet Mahamanjisthadi kashyam Khadiraristh Kaishor guggulu Pigmento ointment
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