POST: HEAL-2-WELLNESS " DID YOU KNOW: YOU CAN PRACTICE CLEANSING AT HOME NOW...BUT HOW?" I was thinking about that the spring cleanse was not done and achieved beneficially by many due to lockdown and various issues. And my thoughts logically switched to the cleansing technique Vamana Dhauti. #kunjalkriya and it gave me a flashback memory when I tried it first. Check the images for steps and don't forget to read precautionary measures while practicing one of the most effective yogic cleansing techniques with instantaneous in its action. KUNJAL KRIYA is a great cleansing regime from the Hatha Yoa Pradipika, for the lungs and the upper digestive tract, as all the yummy work of Chefs in the lockdown must need it to get cleanse the digestion for some new recipes... Here are the steps: * Best practiced in the morning on an empty stomach. Light dinner menu Before bed, have a scalp massage Wake up, tongue scrapping, zero food, can take warm ginger tea. START WITH CLEANSING TECHNIQUE: 1. Drink 4-8 glasses of lukewarm saline water continuously. 2. Then if automatically vomits is not there, then induce by inserting two fingers deep in the throat, Beware of nails hygiene. 3. Vomit out all the water that you have just had. 4. Recommended doing JALA NETI & OIL PULLING WITH SESAME/COCONUT OIL after this procedure cleans the nasal passage too. DISCLAIMER: IF SUFFERING FROM HEART DISEASE, SEVERE ASTHMA, ULCERS OR HYPERTENSION, DO NOT PRACTICE IT WITHOUT THE GUIDANCE OF EXPERT. Benefits: # Cleanse the stomach # Removes extra mucus from the food pipe # Helps in relieving respiratory problems # Alleviates sore throat and cough # Cleans undigested food particles There are so many stimulants in our lives, Kunjal helps to pent-up these. So whether you are trying to detoxify or trying to gain weight improve your skin- whatever may be, always make sure your body is in check and that you aren't simply following a sedentary lifestyle. #ayurveda #lieinlockdown #fightcoronavirus #ayurvedaforlife #shatkarma #yogiccleansing



Is it explained in Ayurveda? @Dr. Divya Chauhan
Reference is there is Gheranda samhita for shatkarma. And as per kapha dosha involvement, it is advised for sthaulaya.