Good Morning! A 9 year old male presented with pain abdomen on and off since last 2 years. No other symptoms present. USG report has been attached. ESR 7, SGOT 34, SGPT 45, S. Bilirubin 0.69, HBSAg Negative, Urine C/E NAD. Please suggest diagnosis and management. Thank you!

What are the most common causes of ascites? The causes of ascites include: Hepatic: liver cirrhosis, chronic liver failure, portal vein occlusion, Budd-Chiari syndrome, lysosomal storage disease Renal: nephrotic syndrome, obstructive uropathy, perforated urinary tract Cardiac: congestive heart failure, constrictive pericarditis Infectious: abscess, tuberculosis, Chlamydia infection, schistosomiasis Pancreatic: pancreatitis, ruptured pancreatic duct Neoplastic: lymphoma, neuroblastoma Gynecologic: ovarian tumors, torsion, or rupture Other: systemic lupus erythematosus, eosinophilic ascites, chylous ascites, hypothyroidism
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dr saina, pls give 1gm haritaki churan in the morning empty stomach with fresh water,2gm hingvashtak churnam first kaur of food BD,in the night at bed time 1gm haritaki churan with warm water,& in morning & after noon give chhachh mix 2 pinch of black salt ,bhuna will get very good response within a day,, call me for next
‘Minimal’ ascites was defined, when the volume of ascites was estimated to be less than 50 mL, and ascites of 50-300 mL was defined as ‘mild’.
What are the most common causes of ascites?
USG guided diagnostic tap
Deworm the patient.
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Sir it can be Mesentric adenitis..With reactionary peritoneal collection. Kindly rule out TB. CBC AEC
Mesentric adenitis can be missed on USG. Also to rule out worm infestation by doing Stool routine and micro, AEC

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USG guided ascitic tapping...send for afb the esr and cbc ..any history of weight loss ??
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if ascites pls give tab nityanand ras 1 bd tab jalidar adi ras 1bd after food

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