Nodular fasciitis

59/y/o has come for evaluation of a dark spot on the inside of his lower lip. He reports that the spot has been present for at least 1 year. His medical history is unremarkable, and he denies antecedent trauma to the area. No similar lesions are noted within his oral cavity or on the surface of his skin. Examination reveals a well-defined hyperpigmented macule measuring 0.5 cm. Dermoscopy shows uniform brown coloration with parallel lines and circles. Prakriti kapha vata Agni avara Jihva sama Mala sama

1. Tab Sallaki 400mg or Tab Sallki MR 1 BID/TID(as per requirement) 2. Sandhivatantak Churan A combination of (a) Ashwagandha 50gm (b) Nirgundi 50gm (c) Suranjan 50gm (d) Godanti Bhasma 50gm (e) Vatsnabh 20gm (f) Jatiphala 50gm Take & mix the powder form of all the abovesaid & make 90 doses of it & take 1 Dose BID 3. Maharasnadi Qwath 20ml+20mlwater BID
Your history states dark spot inside of lower lip But the picture posted is of limb. Nodular fasciitis is a self limited myofibroblastic neoplasm that affects subcutaneous tissue as well as muscle and fascia.
चित्र में अंग दृशा रहे हैं और बात करते हैं होठ की पहले आप वर्णन ठीक से करें।
Give picture... Which is rightone... So we can suggest something...
Case in unclear plz give complete details with pic
Application of Arjun twak churan+ honey
Can you please share the correct pic ?
Please share correct pic
Please send right pic
Plz post proper image
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