BACK PAIN since 3 days

a 31 year old lady suffering from back pain since 3 days she has blood pressure & diabetes mellitus sinc 4 years. she has 3 kids. weight 106 kg height 5.5 feet. Please like this case suggest treatment?



Drumstick soup,ginger open mouth and take out air, muscle manipulation, alkaline diet beetroot awla lime juice orange lemon lemongrass decoction pineapple with black pepper,cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval
Overweight is main reason of back pain . U can advise Mahayograj guggal 2 tds Chndraprabha vati 1 b.d Vishmushtika vati 1 b.d Weight reducing exercise , diabetic diet
Diabetes should be controlled first Bashant kusumakar rasa Chandra prabha vati Yav churna Mahayograj guggulu Godanti bhashma Mahanrayan tail massage
Acute back pain.... Then we think of may b injury may b.. Muscles strech.... So give rutox medicin..... It's help.. Weight is high...
proper sitting posture, mridu virechan with 10-20 ml castor oil kati vasti with ksheer bala and nirgundi oil and vaat har chikitsaa
Karvellak Jeera in water - drink in early morning Mahanarayan tail for local application Medohar vati Kati basti may be helpful
Diabetic diet Basantkusumakar rasa Medohar vati Dashmoolaristh Radnasaptak kwath Arand tail for abhyanga Yoga exercise
Advise diet and exercise Oral calcium n vit D3
Obesity. Tsh? Calc.carb
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