One side scrotal swelling due to injury 20 year old boy Dx and Rx suggest

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It's most probably a hematocele. USG scrotum to confirm and rule out testicular rupture. For hematoma, Manage conservatively with analgesics, antibiotics and scrotal support. If significant testicular rupture, then urgent testicular exploration should be performed.
I agree with Dr Pranay Gourav sir
Take up for surgery after ultrasound/Doppler All entities described above and torsion need emergency intervention. No role for conservative treatment.
It's most probably a hematocele. USG scrotum to confirm and more importantly to rule out injury to the testis
Explanations different.but same haematocele

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Cord haematoma needs antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs
Pl do urgent usg with doppler to r/o testicular torsion
Vitamin B-Complex
Need usg scrotum
First of all USG Scrotum necessary but my Openion is HYDROCELE, Treatment Tab. Moxikind Cv 625 1Bd Tab. Biozobid Plus 1Bd Tab. Pantop 40 1BD Tab. Dexona 1Bd Tab. Hatrazan 100 1TDS Above all medicine advice for 1 wk then follow up
Most possible diagnosis is torsion testis. Other probable diseases are hematoma, or orchitis, or a pyocele. Do an ultrasound, explore under anaesthesia
Traumatic orchitis but Must have colour Doppler sonography to rule out haemorrhage in Torsion generaly have 6 hrs to save testicle
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