54year old female c/o swelling over the lower abdomen since 2years,associated with minimal pain H/o c.section and sterilisation done in the past O/e:Diffuse swelling in between the P.S scar and C.S scar Cough impulse present Diagnosis and management?



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First thing never take pics like this, care of her privacy is also important, She needs hernia repair
I think the privacy has been taken care of
Incisional hernia . Operative treatment. USG W/A to exclude other pathology if any.
Could be a incisional hernia. But needs to be palpated to reach a firm diagnosis.

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An incisional hernia . Needs hernia repair with a prolene mesh plasty
Ventral or incisional hernia Rx herniotomy with mesh hernioraphae
Thanx dr Dhilipan Pradap Rangraju

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Incisional hernia. Repair of the hernia with mesh is indicated
Incision all hernia repair with mesh is indicated
Incisional hernia try laparoscopy herniotomy with mess
Incisinal hernia, Herniotomy with mesh hernioraphae
Incisional hernia, hernioplasty
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