A 32yrs old female having stains in between her teeth since long period , advice the treatment please



.1 tab thrice daily.Tell the patient to rinse the mouth with salt water every time after consuming any food.Also crush 1-2 G32 tablets to powder ,apply it over the gums ,teeth and inside the whole mouth.,gently massage the affected parts with finger.Hold it in the place for 5 minutes.Then rinse and gargle with fresh water.,repeat 2times daily.can also leave it overnight and rinse in the morning.
toothpaste produced by mixing a paste of holy basil leaves with mustard oil. The Neem and Babul twigs can be used as toothbrushes. They are rubbed strongly on the teeth (at times with charcoal) to clear all accumulated plaque on the teeth and increase their whiteness.
Thank you doctor
First step scaling.Cheque the drinking water used by ptn. After scaling Sphatica bsm,haldi powder,Mustered oil .use this paste with neem/Nakul/Molshree chall or by fingers. Avoid Virudh Ahar.
मौलश्री की छाल को यवकुट करें और फिर उस का क्वाथ बनाकर कुल्ले करें
मौल श्री को आयुर्वेद मे क्या कहा गया है सर?
Stain? Is it Dental Fluorosis? @Neha Sharma ji Please share few images to diagnose the case
Babool, tulsi leaves, neem Kaval dharan may be helpful

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