सूचिवेध बनाम माडरन ईन्जेक्सन

Dear friends as I think today Ayush Mantralaya is also activated to get favorable consideration regarding Covid 19 finishing steps by Ayush Med.We may hope to get sources. There are so many queries ? to get fall downs of this Five thousands years old Ayurvedic Pathy.Not blaming to any one that how/who/why degraded the status of this pathy . Here a question is new search pl.view on the two pages shown Ayurvedic Injections,witch are now banned. Is it was not a search ?.Directly used on human being.All injections were prepared from the combinations of daily used combination of Ayurvedic Yog's.Only to use instantly as sos by IM or intravenous. Now one another question.Every indian knows that Respected PM.Modi Govt.has finished several unwanted rules.Than why not may finishes such Manipulated law by witch the prepration & right of Ayd..inj.was drawn by Ayurvedisht. Dear Doc's several times I used these inn. on the ptn.specialy Mrignabhi/Tapikar inj.was very effectively in phenumenic cases. now a days Allovera & Giloy are using in plenty but is it not surprise Injection of such was in used. Pl.Think & Think .Where we are Standing. Ayush Law must be with in the Ayush Boundaries to use freely without any interferences.

Respected Dr. S. K. Mudgal Sir, Your question Is on very proper time. Ayush ministry should give permission.
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Sit pl.why u r hasitate to Analise the situation.joint hands keeps more power.