Fractured Anterior Tooth

7 yo male got attacked by his dog. He said it didn't hurt at all, just aggravating to his tongue because it's loose. I immediately knew it was completely fractured by the way he was freely moving it back and forth with his tongue. Suggestions?

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Poor prognosis adv extraction followed by Fiber-reinforced composite bridge untill growth completion.
Agree with your treatment plan Doctor.

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Extraction is the best option according to me.
Tetanus and anti rabies vaccine. Extract tooth. Fibre reinforced Maryland Bridge can be an option. Some have used Pt tooth crown (after rct and gic /composite seal) as pontic
Hopeless prognosis. Adv extraction. Provide removable prosthesis for space maintanence and esthetics.
Extraction and than removable prosthesis for a few years than implant or fixed prosthesis.
Extraction is the only solution..later removable prosthesis
Poor prognosis adv.Extraction and tan removals prosthesis
In this case advice extraction .