13 y/o male with swelling in the left posterior mandible

A 13-year-old male presented with mild swelling and tenderness in the left posterior mandible. The right posterior mandible was asymptomatic where no pain or swelling was reported. However, a radiograph revealed bilateral corticated unilocular radiolucencies associated with partially erupted teeth 37 and 47. Teeth are vital. Please help in the case.


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Bilateral or Multiple radiolucent lesions can be suggestive of Gorlin Goltz syndrome. It is characterized by multiple okc, basal cell Ca, Bifid ribs. You must have thorough evaluation of the patient. Bilateral involvement or lesion always suggest a systemic cause. Dentigerous Cyst in relation to developing impacted third molars 13 year old is very very unlikely as the pathogenesis is pressure exerted on Reduced Enamel Epithelium by erupting tooth causes venous congestion and increased hydrostatic pressure which sets in the process of cyst formation. As far as partially erupted 37,47 could be sign of delayed mile stone
P/d-eruption cyst. D/d-dentigerous cyst, periapical granuloma
Dentigerous cyst...iopa would give clear pic
Dentigerous cyst Eruption cyst Take x ray
Dentigerous cyst!
Dentigerous Cyst... advisable to have an iopa done for both & cbct , to aid in surgical enucleation, without disturbing the 3molars, if done now, 3rd molars will migrate mesially without any difficulty...thus aiding in mastication for the rest of life...consult a good maxillofacial surgeon.
Neelam Chauhan