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Pets and corona

pets and coronavirus 'COVID 19' With the confusion and concern surrounding the current COVID 19 corona virus outbreak it is very sad to hear about people who are showing concerns due to fear of transmission between animals and people. Corona viruses belongs to a family of viruses Called coronaviridae, that effect both people and animals. Alpha and beta corona viruses usually infect mammals (like us humans and dogs/cats), while gamma and delta viruses usually infect birds and fish. Canine coronavirus, which can cause mild diarrhea and feline corona virus, which can Cause feline peritoneitis (FIP) are both alpha-corona viruses. SARS, MERS and now COVID-19 are Beto-coronavirus and are totally unrelated to what affects dogs and cats (alpha). There is no scientific evidence that tells us that someone who is sick from COVID-19 can spread the disease to animals or through an animal to other people. One pet dog of a person infected In hong kong on 28/2 tested 'weakly positive' to COVID-19. Nasal and oral swabs from the dog were positive while the rectal and faecal samples tested negative on 3 occasions. The Oral swabs then came back as negative on 2/3. This dog remains a healthy and showed no clinical signs of disease. The tested dog has suspected low grade infection from living with Its owner but there is no evidence it can pass it back to people or to other animals. A similar situation occurred in the SARS outbreak where some cats tested positive for SARS but never played a roll in transmitting it to people or other animals. The key issue points are: 1. There is NO risk your dog or cat can give you COVID-19. 2. Vets have been treating and diagnosing canine and feline corona viruses for many years. Their Viruses are totally unrelated to COVID-19. 3. The major risk in infection is human to human transmissions. Hand hygiene is the key as well avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth.


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