Patient referred for surgical cataract treatment of the left eye

A 64 y/o male was referred for surgical cataract treatment of the left eye. Ophthalmic history was complex and significant in the right eye for trauma (baseball injuries as youth) resulting in secondary traumatic glaucoma, cataract, and traumatic optic neuropathy. Numerous surgical treatments were performed 17 years prior to presentation The left eye history was significant for high myopia optically corrected with a soft contact lens. By history, the patient used his left eye for essentially all tasks due to the constricted visual field and quality of vision of the right eye. What should be done for his present condition?

What is vision?? If there is potential for vision in that after cataract removal then should go for cataract extraction Patient should also be explained for the risk of hypotony and visual prognosis as already many intervention has been done A retnochoroidal fold can also be seen so prognosis is poor
Usually symptomatic as optic neuropathy developed. Advise low vision aids
Myopic fundus with cataract in left eye do cataract with pcl