60f k/c/o HTN DM2, having sudden unconsciousness, weakness., CT head and MRI done, bp sugar control, plz take a look , suggest right opinion



Correct metabolic abnormalities,make vital under limit, admit and start Citoline 500bd,piracetam 800bd, Clopitac A(75+75) OD inj Methacobalmine 2500mg od, antihypertensive, antidiabetic, along with Nursing care input/out put monitoring, Oxygen sos.
CT and MRI are suggestive of infarction in right frontoparietal region Patients symptoms may be secondary to the infarction Adv Strict control of blood pressure and diabetes Ecosprin 150 mg every day Carotid Doppler to look for carotid plaques and stenosis
Pt has gliotic lesion in brain do core biopsy by neurosurgeon confirm with biopsy HP gliotic is malignant tumour prognosis bad
cerebral atrophy

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