A male child aged 11 yrs suffering with white hair advice treatment ???

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Dx: Palitya Proper history required, Rx 1. Amalaki Rasayan 2.Bramhi Tab 3.Neelibhringadi tailam 4. Tikta ksheer basti @Dr. Deepika Deepika
Santarpana Chikitsa Rule out the Nutritional Status
Thank you doctor
In Ayurveda three humours (Vata, pitta & Kapha) regulate the body activity. The normal function of pitta dosha is to perform all metabolic activity. Palitya generally happens in old age & Pittaja Prakriti Purush, certain unavoidable diet conditions, present behavioral life style, psychological & unknown causes influence premature graying. Study was performed with the help of various Ayurvedic text, journals & online surfing. Palitya is of different types according to its dosha dominancy. Sanshodhana, Nasya, Shiroabhyanga & Pralepa relieve the premature graying along with supportive treatment, Pathy apathya give the synergetic effects.
Past history Pic plz
Pic is not available with me sir